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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the hurry? My media isn’t going anywhere…

Film and tape content is deteriorating – it’s an inevitable truth. The only solution, therefore, to ensure your content is accessible in the future, is digitisation.

My content is on an old, outdated format. Should I just throw it away?

Certainly not! ITV Content Services’s machines can ingest content from a range of legacy formats, including D2, 1″, U-Matic, VHS and DVD. We can also digitise 16 and 35mm film to a range of other formats, including 4K, 2K, HD & SD. Visit our Kit page for an overview of the formats we support. Don’t resign your content to the scrapheap!

What are the benefits of digital content? What’s wrong with a disc format, for example?

Disc formats such as DVD represent an economical option for storing your content. They don’t however, represent a long-term solution. All physical content can deteriorate over time, whereas digital content can survive indefinitely. Furthermore, digital formats are relatively straightforward to edit, whilst editing physical media is often impossible.

I have a fast-approaching deadline, and I need my content. What should I do?

Contact us today. Our machines are capable of running 24/7, and can digitise from predetermined points. We also offer secure media transfer using leading media transfer technology. You could still make your deadline!

I need somewhere to store my content before it is digitised – it’s taking up a lot of space!

Not to worry – ITV Content Services  have a secure, atmosphere-controlled vault at our Leeds hub, where your content can be safely stored until it is digitised.

My film/tape is in really poor condition. I’m concerned that I’ll never be able to retrieve the content.

This depends entirely on the condition of the physical media. We’ll provide you with an honest assessment of its condition; if it can be saved, ITV Content Services will do everything we can to restore your content, whilst staying true to its history.

I only have one tape that I’d like to be restored. Can ITV help me?

Sure! ITV Content Services can help. Whether it’s just one tape, or a large collection of archive content, we can adapt our film and tape digitisation and  restoration services to meet your requirements.

My film/tape is really fragile. I’m worried it won’t arrive safely.

Whilst we can’t accept any 3rd party liability, we recommend taking the following steps if sending media to us by post:

Pack your media in a rigid box, with plenty of padding/bubble wrap.

Utilise tracked, recorded delivery, with the required levels of insurance. We would recommend utilising a courier to deliver your media to us – we can assist with this, if necessary.

Once the ITV Content Services team have received your media, we’ll handle it with the utmost care, and it can be stored in our secure vault prior to digitisation.

I don’t know the format of my legacy content – what should I do?

The easiest way to identify the format is to send us some photos via email to content.services@itv.com. Then, one of our team will either identify the format, or contact you for further information.

How much does film and tape digitisation cost? I have a limited budget and I don’t want to spend a fortune.

ITV Content Service’s pricing is based on the type and quantity of media that is being digitised. At ITV Content Services, we offer a competitively-priced service, which can be adapted to suit your requirements. Contact us today for further details regarding our pricing, and how we can help you.

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