All I Want for Christmas…. Are My Memories

22 November 2018

Anyone can buy the latest techy gadget or fancy perfume for their loved one this Christmas. But what about giving the one you love something noone could even measure on the pleasure scale?

Imagine their face when they receive some of their most magic nostalgic memories – to relive, re-tell and actually treasure forever this time round?

Whatever the content, memories are there to share.

We offer a media transfer service here at ITV Content Delivery. We can take any old format; such as those rusty, dusty VHS tapes in the garage, camcorder tapes in the attic, DVD’s, cinefilms, 8mm – you name it, the chances are we’ll be able to transfer or convert it to a digital format for you. Even if it’s not in the best of condition, we might be able to clean or spruce it up for you, and restore those precious moments caught on film.

We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and can take content from all corners of the globe. ITV Content Delivery can transfer your media to 4K quality and provide this as a digital file, DVD or whatever format you choose. We’ve provided this service for many different customers and reasons and we’ve had some amazing feedback.

I have watched the entire downloaded file and can see you did a lot of work to restore the content of my old VHS tape. Considering this material is more than 25 years old the results are amazing!  Of course there one or two areas which are blank or speckled but the continuity is unaffected so the lost memories have been brought back to my family. Thank you so much for your efforts, it is plain to see you have a lot of talent. – Diana Waldie, August 2018.

Just imagine being able to show your kids what you were like as a child, or showing your wife that you did score that goal back in 1989, or even that precious moment you walked down the aisle that you thought was forgotten and lost. Maybe you’re like this guy and found some old film reels that belonged to his grandfather and got the films digitised – this started a thirst for his family history which he had never imagined.

Whatever the content, memories are there to share and presenting these memories to someone is such a unique and priceless gift for someone this Christmas.

If you have some content you’d like digitising – please get in touch and email or call 0113 2227555 and we would love to help you make someone you love relive those memories this Christmas Day.

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