Behind The Scenes In ITV Content Services – Tech Team

21 August 2020

An overview of our Tech Team…

The Tech Team is a relatively new addition to ITV Content Delivery. Over the years the department has grown significantly as new capabilities have been introduced to the team.

Although there’s always been a good technical understanding within the operational team, we found that too much operational time was spent looking into technical issues and investigating new kit to help with the growing workload, so much so that the Tech Team was born. With the remit to provide support to the wider ITV Content Delivery department through the exploration and integration of new technologies and processes, the team also ensures current tech is in working order.

There are currently 3 members in the Tech Team – Paul, Ollie and Tech Team Tom (TTT!), so it’s a small, but very dedicated team.

Since its inception at the start of 2019, the Tech Team has introduced a number of process simplifications including overcoming the difficulties involved in working remotely during lockdown; ensuring the department has the solutions it needs to deliver content across the world, all while working from our own homes. Although it has been a real challenge, it has also been rewarding to see ITV Content Delivery thriving during the pandemic, finding workarounds and new methods of maintaining the standard of service we expect.

We’re always working hard with other technical teams and areas around the company to deliver a robust end to end solution for all content as it moves through the business, ensuring that the highest possible technical standards and quality are established and maintained.

We also manage the relationship with our suppliers such as Aspera, Dalet and Telestream amongst lots of others.

Fun fact about the tech team – they do all the hard work so you don’t have to!

Behind the Scenes with the Tech Team