High Flying Goals

24 June 2019

Some of our high flying goals were reached last month when ITV Clip Sales collaborated with the creative agency behind Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds new music video and asked us to process and deliver “Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club,” which was a big hit in the 1970’s!

The footage has been edited to make it look as though Noel’s band are top of the bill perform their new single as part of the show. It’s a clever and tasteful mix of the northern ‘social club’ nostalgia mixed with the current talents of the one and only Noel Gallagher. The result is brilliant.

It was a real collobaration across ITV to make this happen. Our Clip Sales team worked with the creative agency to identify which episodes they wanted to use clips from. Our Rights  team looked into the copyright position for the footage and our Talent Payments team provided details of on-screen talent (including Bernard Manning, Jimmie Krankie and Cannon & Ball!) Our Archive team then dusted down 40 separate episodes from the series, and that’s where we – ITV Content Delivery came in – to deliver the footage to the agency in the right format for them to be carry out that clever editing!

It’s always a really rewarding experience when we are able to see what and where the content we’ve transferred, restored or delivered has ended up – but we don’t always get to see the fruits of our labour! The results of this video has been a real treat to watch and we’re incredible proud to be a part of this brilliantly creative video.

Watch the video here – enjoy!

High Flying Goals