Preserving Our Resources

7 July 2020

We’ve recently be awarded the DPP’s ‘Committed to Sustainability’ mark, our latest blog looks into this more closely.

Last month ITV Content Delivery were awarded the DPP’s Committed To Sustainability mark, which we are absolutely thrilled about.


When working with archive footage our focus is always on preservation. We make sure that we are protecting the resources in our archive so that we can provide content for future generations. This is a sentiment and philosophy that we have to apply into all our workflows and practices at ITV Content Delivery in order to preserve the resources of our planet, and to limit our impact on the environment.


Whether it’s in the installation of cloud based workflows, or in our process of sourcing legacy tape formats from third parties to prevent them from going to landfill, sustainability is always at the forefront of our thoughts and objectives. All our kit is vigorously used to ensure maximum value from the resource to limit any potential waste, and we also dedicate time and effort in salvaging assets of all usable parts (the archive industry’s equivalent of making soup from the Sunday roast leftovers!) to ensure nothing gets unnecessarily wasted.


Nothing gets thrown away until we absolutely can’t use it anymore, and anything that we do throw away is sent to a specialist facility that generates energy from waste, further reducing our impact on the environment.


This isn’t a philosophy that’s just exclusive to Content Delivery. ITV have set ambitious goals to ensure our actions are inline with and exceeding government targets. We are committed to having a greener footprint and a greener workforce and as such, as a broadcaster and programme maker, we are increasing the awareness of environmental sustainability through our programmes whilst minimising the environmental impact of our operations. We also have a whole department dedicated to Corporate Responsibility.


More details of ITV’s Social Purpose and Sustainability efforts can be found here.

If you’re interested in hearing more about a greener way to digitise your archive, please don’t hesitate to contact Content Delivery.

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